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在日本報導備受矚目的新聞3 / Some news out of Japan which might bring some relief for the Corona Virus panic 3


Now for some news out of Japan which might bring some relief for the Corona Virus panic
On March 19, Suzuki Naomichi, the governor of Hokkaido, called off the proclamation of a state of emergency which he declared on February 28th. The announcement, which was in effect for three weeks, instructed Hokkaido residents not to hold parties or events where people gathered. Also, all schools were required to close. He decided to call it off because the pattern of expanding numbers of Covid-19 patients seemed to have passed its peak. He added that we should keep being careful not to get a cold and return to our normal lives. Naming it the ‘Hokkaido Success Case’, he announced that the Hokkaido Government would continue to pursue it.
Hokkaido Travel Tips has been able to gather news which might ease fears about the ongoing Corona Virus crisis from different recent media in Japan.

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