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在日本報導備受矚目的新聞4 / Some news out of Japan which might bring some relief for the Corona Virus panic 4


Now for some news out of Japan which might bring some relief for the Corona Virus panic
Hokkaido was in the spotlight for Japanese people at the early stage of the Covid-19 outbreak’s patient cluster map. This resulted from the first patient turning up on February 14th after seemingly contracting the virus at the Sapporo Snow Festival which was held in the beginning of February. He hadn’t been to China and no acquaintances related to him had traveled in China either. After that, the number of patients increased both in Hokkaido and Japan-wide. That being said, it has not been dramatic thus far, and the death toll hasn’t skyrocketed like in less fortunate parts of the globe. At the moment, Japan isn’t seeing a collapse of medical services.
Hokkaido Travel Tips has been able to gather news which might ease fears about the ongoing Corona Virus crisis from different recent media in Japan.

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