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拉麵沙拉 / Ramen Salad

拉麵沙拉是發祥於北海道的沙拉,也是在地菜色。將各式各樣的配料和拉麵的麵條組合後淋上調味醬汁。是北海道居酒屋的經典菜色之一。在家庭中或學校供餐也會製作。現今一般的說法是札幌格蘭酒店的啤酒館「Big Jug」於1985年時將拉麵沙拉放入菜單中後傳播開的。拉麵沙拉跟中華涼麵是不同的料理。

Ramen Salad is one of the most famous local dishes in Hokkaido, and is unable to be found on menus in other parts of Japan. A variety of toppings like lettuce or boiled egg are used, served over cold ramen noodles. It is traditionally dressed with sauce immediately prior to eating. At izakaya restaurants in Hokkaido, this is typical fare. It’s also served for school lunches and is a favorite in the home. It’s widely recognized that's its origin is Big Jug, a restaurant, in Sapporo Grand Hotel, created this in 1985 and it since grew in fame. Ramen Salad is different from Hiyashi Chuuka, which is ramen noodles in cold soup or sauce.
The Big Jug’s ramen salad from their website 
and the other photo below is from Wikipedia

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