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莫埃來沼公園 (三月) / Moerenuma Park in March

莫埃來沼公園(位於札幌市東區) 的三月因享受冬季的結束的人們而熱鬧。氣溫不像深冬一般的寒冷,特別是在晴天時出遊很開心。在高度約50公尺人工建成的兩座山上,小孩子們玩著雪橇和滑雪。在廣闊的平原上也看到有人在製作雪人。也有看到在步行滑雪,或是穿著雪靴在公園內散步的大人的身姿。

At Moerenuma Park (Sapporo City Higashi-ku) in March many people enjoying playing on the field of snow and manmade mountains. The temperature is naturally not as cold as in mid-winter, and people can enjoy a sunny day, playing in the fresh air. On the two artificial mountains, which are both approximately 50 meters high, children can enjoy sleighing or fun-skiing. On the large field, some make a snowman. On the other hand, there are adults who enjoy cross country skiing or snowshoeing, which is good exercise. This park is a good destination for families with kids this season.

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